Types of Orders

The type of trade you use will depend on your requirements

Which of our contract options you choose will depend on whether your priority is speed, a specific exchange rate or minimising your risk? All our contract options are execution only and non-speculative so you can guarantee your funds are safe.

Spot Contract

The spot rate is the exchange rate on the day the trade is booked.

Forward contract

Fix your rate in advance for up to 2 years. We agree the rate at which the money will transfer in the future.

Limit order

If currency rates move in your favour and your target rate is achieved, we will automatically buy or sell your chosen currency.

Stop loss order

Agree the worst case rate you're prepared to accept, and if the market moves against you, we will automatically buy or sell your currency at that rate so you're protected from it getting worse.

One cancels other

An OCO is a combination of a limit order executing your target rate and a stop loss order protecting your worst case scenario.


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