Account Management

In an era when personal relationships are diminishing, we believe that today's customers value a dedicated specialist.

Experience and expertise, along with a commitment to building relationships with our customers, are the key factors in our success delivering results for our wide and varied client base. During the relationship building process, we establish exactly what your requirements are and the main considerations in regards to your currency requirements. This in turn allows you to measure what we have to offer, to provide real improvements to your current provider.

Whether you need to make a one-off payment immediately or require regular transfers to a bank abroad, we have the service available to meet your needs. We can process both outgoing and incoming funds in foreign currency with equal ease.

We make a large number of transactions every year, so we know the best routes to use for your money and we can track your payment right to the destination bank account. We can even email your beneficiary so they know your international payments are on the way. One less phone call for you to make!


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